Horse Trade presents a No Tea Production
Work: A Play

"Poignant and hilarious...the ensemble comes together very well to create a fun show with lots of strange characters and lots of action...Work: A Play has the makings of something great...Get down there and check this one out."
—Richard Hinojosa,

"A fantastically talented cast...Work: A Play is fun stuff...if you're in a job that feels "PowerPointless," escape the fluorescent lights and retreat into the comforting darkness of UNDER St. Marks."
—Show Business Weekly

WORK: A Play is a multimedia comedy—incorporating live action and digital video shorts—about the PowerPointlessness of office life.

Our heroes are the drones working away in a nameless department at the sinister Ouroboros Corporation ("Riding you into the future!"). The head of the company has come to judge a presentation that the department has worked hard on (except for Mike, who hardly worked on it)… but what are his real intentions? Why do the interns have to wear masks? What's the deal with the bodies they keep finding in the company dumpster? And what does the evil cackling coming from the CEO's office mean? WORK: A Play will solve these mysteries, as well as teaching you how to behave at the company holiday party, explaining how a dead temp can go unnoticed for hours, and finally giving definitive etiquette rules for the workplace restroom.

April 28 through May 7, 2011
Thursdays—Saturdays at 8pm
UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place (between 1st Ave. and Ave. A)
Basement theater, no wheelchair access
Equity approved showcase

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Stage Director: Lindsey Moore
Video Directors:
Jeremy Mather, Lindsey Moore, & Jeff Sproul

Written by: Jeremy Mather, Lindsey Moore, & Jeff Sproul
with Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Michele McNally, & D. Robert Wolcheck

Stage Manager: Lisa Nussbaum
Set Design:
Lindsey Moore
Lighting Design:
Jeremy Mather
Poster Design:
Jeff Sproul
Publicist: Emily Owens PR

Cast: Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Sabrina Farhi, Jeremy Mather, Michele McNally, Alexis Robbins, Jeff Sproul, and D. Robert Wolcheck

Additional Video Cast: Eilis Cahill, Kelli Chaves, Will Clark, Brooke Eddey, Meredith Hackett, Ryan Michele Healey, Jesse Jones, Jessee Jones, Tim Mather, Lindsey Moore, Lisa Nussbaum, Teddy Ostrow, Jonathan "Chuck" Plummer, Mike Quirk, Matt Sears, & Jeff Woods

All photos ©2011 Darren Kaminsky