The Apologies consisted of six very short plays written by NYC-based writers. The works ranged in tone from hilarious to heart-breaking, but all involved, in some way, an apology, or the idea of apologizing. Between scenes were readings from The Apology Blog and original monologues.

The show ran from March 29th through April 7th, 2007 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 pm, at UNDER St. Marks Theatre.

Cast and crew: Lucy Baker, Tom Bartos, Greg Burgett, Martin Dockery, Kelly Eads, Jesse Jones, Darren Kaninsky, Lisa Long, Jeremy Mather, Timothy Mather, Annie Meisels, Lindsey Moore, Caroline O'Hare, Dan O'Hare, Peter Plano, Matt Sears, Jeff Sproul, and D. Robert Wolcheck.

Special thanks to:
Jessee Leili Jones and Dana Rossi for running the house.
Caroiline O'Hare for the amazing work on costumes.
Lisa Long for her fantastic choreography.
Horse Trade Theater Group for the great place to perform.

All photos ©2007 Darren Kaminsky


The Apologies...

Mark and Andy in a Cop Drama
Written by Jeff Sproul
Directed by Dan O'hare

Mark: Jeff Sproul
Andy: Matt Sears

This play reveals the desire for creativity as beautiful in itself, and strong enough to overcome doubts, obstacles, and possibly even an utter lack of talent.

Written by Lindsey Moore and Jeff Sproul
Directed by Lindsey Moore

Sean: Tom Bartos
Allison: Kelly Eads

A former couple has an awkward meal at a restaurant, and find that they can’t stop speaking in grand metaphors.

Technical Knock-Up
Written and directed by Matt Sears

"Beautiful Joe" Crenshaw: Jesse Jones
Sean Pomeroy: Timothy Mather
Jerry Whisp: Kelly Eads
Ring Announcer: Matt Sears
Doctor: Lindsey Moore
Cut-man: D. Robert Wolcheck

The sweet science meets science fiction in a no-holds-barred ass-kickfest!!!

Throwing Porcelain
Written by Martin Dockery and Lucy Baker
Directed by Martin Dockery

Man: Peter Plano
Woman: Annie Meisels

This play explores the question of whether it’s worth it to meet, fall in love, and ultimately have to apologize for your faults. It is set at the reception after a funeral.

Written and directed by Lindsey Moore

Steve: Jeff Sproul
Julie: Lindsey Moore

A man visits his girlfriend in a hospital, where she is lying catatonic after being attacked.

The Dance of the McDictator
Written and directed by Darren Kaminsky
Costumes by Caroline O'Hare
Choreography by Lisa Long

Strange Random Woman Eerily Reminiscent of an Anchorwoman: Lindsey Moore
Clerk of the Court: Kelly Eads
Grand Court Functionary: Timothy Mather
Voice of the Tribunal: Tom Bartos
Grand Generalissimus Jorge Santana Huevos O'Rourke Rancheros da Silva: Jeff Sproul
Goons: D. Robert Wolcheck, Jesse Jones, Matt Sears

Thrill to the spectacle of justice as the former dictator of the Grand Republic of Geraldo, Grand Generalissimus Jorge Santana Huevos O'Rourke Rancheros Da Silva, answers to the Grand Tribunal of the Grand Republic of Geraldo and to the eternal principle that no one is above the law.

Readings from The Apology Blog by Caroline O'Hare and Annie Meisels

Monologues written and performed by Jesse Jones, D. Robert Wolcheck, Jeff Sproul, Greg Burgett (performed by Timothy Mather), and Caroline O'Hare