Horse Trade presents a No Tea Production

Poppycock was a contemporary farce about the various ways we lie to people in order to prevent them from discovering how much we've been lying to ourselves. At a remote bed & breakfast in the northeast, the owner, Fred, is frantically trying to avoid losing the house to his rival and former friend, Barney. When an eccentric family ends up stranded at the inn for the night, Fred finds an unlikely ally in the troubled but confident Poppy. Meanwhile, Poppy's controlling sister Hailey and her suspicious boyfriend Howard seem to suddenly want a piece of the bed & breakfast for themselves. As Fred and Poppy form a sketchy partnership to assist each other, the house comes under constant threat from Barney, Hailey, Howard, a stern building inspector, and Fred's assistant Claudia (who speaks only in a sign-language of her own invention), culminating in one hilarious night full of nonsense and poppycock.

Poppycock was the first play to have been written in conjunction with No Tea's weekly development meetings.

"Roughly an hour and a half of non-stop gags, jokes, tom-foolery, one-liners, puns, witty repartee, and monkeyshines. It’s like Monkey Business meets Fawlty Towers ... I laughed through the whole thing."
—Cultural Capitol (Full review here)

Written and Directed by Jeremy Mather
Assistant Director: Lindsey Moore
Stage Managers: Lisa Nussbaum & D. Robert Wolcheck
Poster Designer: Jeff Sproul
Publicist: Emily Owens PR

Featuring: Alicia Barnatchez, James Patrick Cronin, Daiva Deupree,* Sabrina Farhi, Michele McNally, James Richard, and Jeff Sproul
*Member of Actors Equity Association

April 8th through 24th 2010
8pm Thursdays through Saturdays
UNDER St. Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place (between 1st and A)
Basement theater, no wheelchair access

Equity Approved Showcase

All photos ©2010 Darren Kaminsky