"The Artistical Process of Mark and Andy is wickedly smart, skillfully executed, and unflinchingly honest…That a play this minor could succeed so greatly even in New York is a reason for hope for American theater."
—Ethan Stanislawski, BlogCritics Magazine
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The Artistical Process of Mark and Andy was a funny play exploring the journey of two friends who, with moth-like tenacity, attempt to create their dream video project; bravely leaving behind the clichéd artistic notions of attention-span, humility, the desire to learn, and talent. The show ran from July 24th through August 9th, 2008, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 pm, at UNDER St. Marks Theatre.


The Artistical Process of Mark and Andy
Presented by Horse Trade
Written by Jeff Sproul
Directed by
Lindsey Moore

Alicia Barnatchez
Janine: Sabrina Farhi
Collin: Jeremy Mather
Brett: Timothy Mather
Rachel: Dana Rossi
Andy: Matt Sears
Mark: Jeff Sproul
Jay: D. Robert Wolcheck

Stage Manager: Lisa Nussbaum
Assistant Director: Jeff Sproul
Understudy to Andy: D. Robert Wolcheck
Choreography: Lisa Nussbaum
Original Music: Lisa Nussbaum
Poster Design: Jeff Sproul
Publicity: Emily Owens PR