Horse Trade presents a No Tea Production

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Liars was a collection of eight brand-new comedic plays about deceiving, falsifying, fibbing, and stretching the truth. The show set fire to the pants of Hollywood agents and other sleazy hucksters, and exposed cons from tofu
to Santa Claus. Liars included new works from Jesse Jones, Jeremy Mather, Daniel McCoy, Lindsey Moore, Joe Musso, Caroline O'Hare, Matt Sears, and Jeff Sproul.

"Discovers irony and humor in everyday scenarios...Honestly and effectively nails us, while keeping us in on the joke...Even as we laugh, many of us are likely to shake our heads in uneasy recognition."

"A fun evening which takes a look at some squirmingly uncomfortable truths...It keeps the funny coming...A well-constructed comedy show that's a great way to start off a night."
—Theatre is Easy

"The laughs are built in when you know that everything that comes out of anyone's mouth is NOT the entertaining hour and change." —Neighborbee Blog

Director: Lindsey Moore
Assistant Director: Timothy Mather
Stage Manager: D. Robert Wolcheck
Assistant Stage Manager: Lisa Nussbaum
Light/Sound Technician: Caroline O'Hare
Art Director/Costume Designer: Darren Kaminsky
Light Designer: Timothy Mather
Poster Designer: Jeff Sproul
Publicist: Emily Owens PR

Featuring: Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath,* Sabrina Farhi, Olivia Horton, Jeremy Mather, Jeff Sproul, and D. Robert Wolcheck.
*Member of Actor's Equity Association

May 7th through 23rd
8pm Thursdays through Saturdays
UNDER St. Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place (between 1st and A)
Basement theater, no wheelchair access

Equity Approved Showcase

All photos ©2009 Darren Kaminsky


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