Horse Trade presents a No Tea Production
The Kentucky Goblin Siege

[Editor Pick] "The No Tea cast as directed by Lindsey Moore is engagingly funny...even Oliver the unseen dog has a personality."

"Walks a refreshing line between camp and suspense. The enjoyable ensemble...adds heart and humor to their over-the-top characters. Accordingly, this strong company conjures a sense of emotional involvement...The appearance of these little gray guys forces the family to confront their fears, weaknesses and inner demons (literally) to make it through the night."
—Katelyn Manfre, Time Out New York

"Funny characters, good writing, and a strong cast and crew...I laughed an awful lot...The Kentucky Goblin Siege is a good time waiting to be had."
—Richard Hinojosa,

"[The goblins] are cute, funny, and just a little creepy, which is a pretty good description of the play too...What makes the play rewarding, aside from the pure fun of the action, is the slow destruction of the stereotypes...boasts some delightful performances...What's not to like?"
—Jon Sobel,

"Never a dull moment...The Kentucky Goblin Siege will transport you from your boring, non-goblin-sieged-life to a place where anything can happen, and probably will."
—Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

The Kentucky Goblin Siege was a sci-fi comedy based on accounts of one of the largest reported alien encounters in U.S. history. It’s August 21, 1955, in the small town of Kelly, Kentucky, and the Sutton family is welcoming old family friends in from out of town and settling in for a night of catching up. But when strange goblin-like creatures begin to appear, all hell breaks loose. The Kentucky Goblin Siege was a hilarious play about xenophobia and reversed expectations, and featured the biggest gun battle between human actors and alien puppets to ever grace the stage of the Kraine Theater.*

*We don’t know this for sure, but we’re taking a justified guess.

October 20th through November 24th, 2010 at The Kraine Theater

Written by Jeff Sproul
Directed by Lindsey Moore

Assistant Director: Jeff Sproul
Stage Manager: Sarania Hertilus
Assistant Stage Manager: Lisa Nussbaum
Scenic Design: Jak Prince
Costume Design: Caroline O'Hare
Sound Design: Jeremy Mather
Puppets made by: Anna Paniccia & Puppet Heap
Fight Choreography: Jeff Sproul & Lindsey Moore
Fight Safety Coordinator: Kenneth Nicholas
Poster Design: Jeff Sproul

Producers: No Tea Productions, Horse Trade, Tim Mather, Dan O’Hare
Emily Owens PR

Featuring: Jeremy Banks, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Sabrina Farhi, Jeremy Mather, Michele McNally, Mike Quirk, Alexis Robbins, Jeff Sproul, Christine Sullivan and D. Robert Wolcheck

Head Puppeteers: Elizabeth Dapo and Ryan-Michele Healey
Puppeteers: Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Bernath, Lisa Nussbaum and Mike Quirk

All photos ©2010 Darren Kaminsky