Already in Progress is a multimedia comedy about the best modern art America is producing today...television! With brand-new, original satirical sketches taking the form of TV shows (from the news to reality shows to sitcoms to the best commercials around), the show is 75 minutes of live, recorded, and even animated fun.

The show ran from November 29 through December 8, 2007, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 pm at UNDER St. Marks Theatre. A special encore performance took place at Apexart on Saturday, February 16, 2008 as the closing event for The (Self)Promotion Project.

View the "Get the Facts" commercial from Already in Progress...

Director: Lindsey Moore
Writers: Jeff Sproul and Jeremy Mather with Dana Rossi, Lindsey Moore, and Jesse Jones
Stage Manager: D. Robert Wolcheck
Video Production: Nicholas Gray and Lisa Nussbaum

Cast: Vonia Arslanian, Alicia Barnatchez, Jesse Jones, Jeremy Mather, Lindsey Moore, Matt Sears, and Jeff Sproul

Additional video cast: Jeremy Banks, Greg Burgett, Kelly Eads, Brooke Eddey, Nicholas Gray, Jessee Leili Jones, Timothy Mather, Lisa Nussbaum, Caroline O'Hare, Dana Rossi, Josh Stager, and D. Robert Wolcheck.

All photos ©2007 Darren Kaminsky



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